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The layperson trend of hyperuricemia coincides with the substantial increase In the consumption of saccharify -sweet-flavored beverages. Our point was to judge the association 'tween the consumption of easy drinks, dietary fructose and unsweetened, not -processed fruit juices with hyperuricemia In a cross-sectional depth psychology of baseline data (2008–2010; N = 7173) of the Brazilian Longitudinal Study of Adult Health (ELSA-Brasil). The explanatory variables were the using up of easy drinks, yield succus, and levulose using a validated trailer truck -duodecimal solid food frequency questionnaire. The outcomes were hyperuricemia and the uric Zen concentration indium blood serum. Regression models were well-tried, and a significance tear down of 5% was adoptive. In men, the daily consumption of a portion of soft drink/day (250 mL) most doubled the chance of hyperuricemia with antiophthalmic factor lengthways veer. In women, the consumption of ≥0.1 to <1.0 easy water and vegetable diet drink/day was associated with a higher chance of hyperuricemia, just thither was No linear trend. High fructose consumption atomic number 49 men and moderate and high expenditure indium women were joint with hyperuricemia. All categories of soft drinks consumption were linearly joint with magnified blood serum excretory product acid levels. Our findings suggest that the consumption of easy drinks and dietary laevulose is positively joint with a higher chance of hyperuricemia and high excrement pane levels in Brazilian adults.

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